Jesse Gordon Earlier
The Honeymoon

Student short also shot on the Costa Del Sol (Southern Spain). Part of a "Distopia/Utopia" diptych (with "Working", below). This is the dystopia half, positing a world in which everything is very expensive except assassinations, which are very cheap.
Jesse Gordon Earlier
Heading Out

Surreal student video starring Ben Marcus as "Piuxxuti" and Jack Stehlin as one of the commentators on the strange competition he is participating in. Film was never properly mixed and I seem to have lost the masters (along with the names for proper credits). Like it a lot, though ...

Jesse Gordon Earlier

"Utopia" part of a "Utopia/Distopia" diptych I cooked up along with "The Honeymoon" (above). This comes from a childhood notion I had in which, if one needed to work, one could simply "join in" with any random workers one saw on the street.
Jesse Gordon Earlier
Organic Video

Collaboration with Ben Marcus about the mystical properties of a special kind of video tape which his character models with his fingers. Shot in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn on a crappy VHS camera.

Jesse Gordon Earlier
The Art Robbery

My very first cinematic effort featuring paintings by my father, Harry Gordon. Log line goes something like "Art thief is confounded when he finds art similar to the kind he just stole lying around the countryside." That's the Butthole Surfers on the soundtrack!
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