Jesse Gordon Misc.
Pod Challenge

Citizens of Sault Ste Marie, Canada, wrestle with the future of their city as a model for sustainable urbanism in Northern climates.
Jesse Gordon Misc.
"The New Swami": Mood Deck

Short piece made as a pitch tool for a feature film project.

Jesse Gordon Misc.
Jesse Gordon Sample Reel: Open

Open I made for my very first reel of commercial work. Unbelievable but true.
Jesse Gordon Misc.
"NY Times Op-Ed Page 1998"

Short piece I made about the NY Times Op-Ed page which I was intimately involved with at the time (see "Illustration" to left). Film has been shown at a variety of conferences and events. I shot the black and white Bolex footage in the basement of the Times where the printing presses were just a few days before they shut them down for good.

Jesse Gordon Misc.
"Real Estate": Pilot [Excerpt]

I directed (and, clears throat, DP'd) this pilot for a project spearheaded by Mike Blieden (on left). It never went to far but it's very dear to me.
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